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Red Love; I love you; Desire; Passion; Courage; Respect
Red-Withered I would rather die; Our love is over
Deep Red Bashful
Dark Crimson Mourning
Burgundy Unconscious Love
White Innocence and purity; I am worthy of you; You're heavenly, Charm and Innocence; Silence; Secrecy; Reverence and humility
White-Dried Death is preferable to loss of virtue
White-Withered Transient impression; You made no impression; Fleeting beauty
Yellow Texas love; Joy and friendship; Joy and respect; Jealousy; Decrease of love; Try to care; Freedom
Pink Perfect happiness; Please believe me
Light Pink Gentle and graceful
Dark Pink Thankfulness; Gratitude
Orange Fascination
Peach Modesty; Appreciation; Admiration; Sympathy
Coral Desire
Lavender Love at first sight; Enchantment
Red and White Unity; An engagement
Rosebud Beauty and youth; A heart of innocent love; You are young and beautiful
Rosebud-Red Pure and lovely
Rosebud-White Girlhood
Thorn less Love at first sight
Bouquet of Mature Blooms Gratitude
Tea Roses I'll always remember you
Single Full Bloom I love you; I still love you
Bridal Happy love
Christmas Tranquilize my anxiety
Red and Yellow Blends Jovial and happy feelings
Crown of Roses Beware of virtue; Reward of merit; Symbol of superior merit
Hibiscus Delicate beauty
Pale Colors Sociability; Friendship
Single Rose Simplicity
Two Roses
(Taped or wired together)
An engagement or coming marriage
Full blown Rose placed
over two buds
Leaves Symbol of hope
Roses-Sent every month Beauty ever new