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Your Personalized Consultation

We ask that you call to schedule a consultation a few days ahead of time. It is helpful to bring pictures of flowers and designs that you find appealing. We also suggest that you bring a picture of your gown and bridal party dresses in order to give us an overall idea of your style. It is also important for you to bring any fabric swatches for us to use to match or contrast your colors more accurately.   We also request that you download and complete the Pre-Consultation Questionnaire found here - Consultation Questionnaire.doc in Microsoft Word format or Consultation Questionnaire.pdf in PDF format, and fill it in to bring with you to the consultation.

Please take some time to peruse the selections and color choices on this site, and print some pictures of the bouquets and styles that appeal to you to bring along to your consultation.  It is also sometimes helpful to bring pictures of your ceremony location if you are considering floral decorations for the altar, pews or entrance. Floral decorations can range from a single altar piece to very elaborate designs. Many facilities offer candelabras or other items for use in ceremonies, check with your clergy.

If you will be using an aisle runner, be sure to ask your clergy the length of the aisle and note the flooring - is it carpeting, wood or stone?

You may want to consider floral decorations for your ceremony that could be used in your reception to keep the cost down. Be sure to check with your clergy on floral donation policies and arrange for a family member or friend to bring the flowers from the ceremony to the reception.

When considering centerpieces for your reception, ask the facility manager if any items are provided. Some facilities provide hurricane lamps, mirrors or other items that could be used alone or enhanced with floral decorations.

If you are planning to use candles in your ceremony or reception, be sure to check on any restrictions with your clergy or the facilities manager.

Many brides use fresh flowers for cake decorations. Bows and small floral decorations can be placed on the knife and cake server as well. We recommend a separate bouquet for tossing which is generally placed on the cake table.

We estimate each wedding based on individual needs and preferences. The time of year your wedding takes place can have a significant impact on the cost. Some flowers are more expensive at certain times of the year due to seasonal availability and approaching holidays such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day.

If you have questions, please direct them to